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Mama Jumbo (The Revisit)

I stumble to find any words at this incomprehensible brutality

Human leers

Tears of Mama Jumbo's broken trust and defeated pain

Pain of a hungry abandoned, suffering lonesome pregnant mother

Pain of a child killed that will never see the colours of this life or any other

Mama Jumbo's fears, her silent tears somehow manifested in me

My eyes filled with tears poking me to see

Tears of her accommodating acceptance of the never-ending sinister

Human Abuse

The badgering, goading, their cruel use

Are we obtuse?

I tried connecting to her

She still sends Motherly love with her baby jumbo blowing kisses our way

From their heavenly souls up there

Sitting by my rainy breezy window sill

Waiting still

for Cyclone Nisarg to hit me

I'm asking God

Why don't you just end this world like the worst nightmare?

So we can go somewhere

A world without humans

Only Rainbows and Deer

My words beat me

I stumble

For this world is a rotten, beaten place to be

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